Introduction to welding gloves

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Personal protective equipment to protect against high temperatures and molten metal during welding
Welding gloves are personal protective equipment designed to protect hands from high temperatures, molten metal, and sparks during welding. Generally, five-finger, three-finger and two-finger gloves are made of cow or pig suede. Comes with 18cm long canvas or leather sleeves.

1、Material Requirements:

(1) Appearance:
The first-grade leather body is uniform in thickness, plump, soft and elastic, with fine, uniform, strong leather villi and consistent color depth. No greasy feeling;
The second-grade leather body lacks fullness and elasticity, the leather surface has thick velvet, and the color is slightly darker.

(2) The thickness of leather and canvas should comply with regulations.

(3) Mechanical properties should comply with regulations. Leather for the palm and back of the hand should be soft, strong, and even in thickness. Leather for sleeves should be slightly stretchy.

(4) Chemical properties should comply with regulations.

2、Skills Requirement

(1) Structure:
The seams between the palm and back of the welder’s gloves should be lined with leather strips. Chrome-tanned cowhide or pigskin should be used for strip leather. The edge leather and reinforcing leather should be the same leather as the palm and back of the hand. The width of the reinforced lining leather is more than 15mm;

(2) Needle code: 3 to 4 stitches per cm for open thread; 4 to 5 stitches per cm for dark thread;

(3)  Sewing: The hand shape should be straight, the stitches should be straight and flat, the stitches should be evenly spaced, and the stitches should be moderately tight. If a broken needle, continuous missing stitches or skipped stitches are found, re-stitch or remove the defective stitches and sew again.

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