How should welders protect their own safety during work?

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Welding is a high-risk job that is extremely harmful to the body. However, because of its high salary, it still attracts a large number of young people to join this industry like moths to a flame.

Welders often suffer from various diseases and suffer in old age.

In fact, some diseases can be avoided, but if you don’t pay attention to them when you are young and do not do enough safety protection, it will be too late to remedy them when you are middle-aged and old, which is very sad.

1. Wear protective clothing

Many welding workers do not wear protective equipment properly because the protective equipment is too hot, or they think the protective clothing is too thick and heavy, so they do not wear protective equipment properly and put on and take off protective clothing at will.

As a result, being accidentally burned by a flying spark is a trivial matter. If the skin is exposed for a long time, it is easy to get skin diseases;

If you do not wear protective glasses, your eyes will absorb too much infrared rays, causing vision loss, and in severe cases, you may suffer from glaucoma and electro-optical ophthalmia;

Failure to wear a mask properly as required can easily inhale the smoke particles that permeate the working environment into the lungs, making it more likely to cause metal poisoning, welding fume fever, pneumoconiosis and other diseases.

Welding workers should wear protective gear such as protective glasses, masks, gloves, protective clothing, and insulating shoes before working. If they work in a closed container with poor ventilation, they should also wear a protective helmet with air supply capabilities.

2. Keep the working environment ventilated

The general impression of the welding working environment is that it is dirty, messy, and poor. In a relatively closed environment, the smoke particles that are diffused in the air and produced during the operation are often the culprits that damage the health of welding workers.

Ventilation methods can be divided into natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation.

Among them, mechanical ventilation relies on the pressure generated by fans to exchange air, and its dust removal and detoxification effects are better than natural ventilation.

When welding is performed in a room with poor natural ventilation or in a closed container, mechanical ventilation measures must be provided.

3. Improve safety awareness

Many welders don’t realize that their safety protection is not adequate. When their health deteriorates, they start to complain that the work is too hard and harmful, and they suffer in their later years.

But in fact, if safety protection is in place, many diseases can be avoided, or at least the prevalence will be greatly reduced.

The state stipulates that when applying for a new, reexamined or renewed welder operating license, safety education and training must be conducted first, which should be based on this consideration.

Every time you participate in safety education training and apply for a welder operating certificate, you strengthen your own safety awareness. Even if you don’t care about it, you will inadvertently pay more attention to safety precautions.

Only if you really care about this matter and always pay attention to safety precautions can you truly reduce the chance of disease.

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