What are the primary wire, secondary wire, welding handle wire, ground wire, and ground wire of an electric welding machine? What are their relationships, differences, and functions?

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The power incoming line, commonly referred to as the primary line, carries a general voltage. Specifically, it is 380V for power electricity or 220V for lighting electricity.After a transformer or inverter, the secondary line forms low-voltage electricity. The inverter welding machine attains a no-load output voltage of around 70V. In this state, the machine is ready for operation.The welding wire, being a thick cable, establishes its connection to the welding machine. The ground wire, which connects the shell to the earth, is a thick cable that is also linked to the workpiece.

1. Definition and function

Primary line:

The input line coil of the welding machine is connected to the power supply.

Secondary line:

The secondary coil, which is called the output line coil, belongs to the welding machine.

Ground wire:

Setting up a grounding (zero) protective wire aims to prevent electric leakage from the welding machine and to protect people from injury;

Welding wire:

Connecting to the welding clamp, one of the two output wires of the welding machine exhibits a no-load voltage to the ground of about 80V. During welding, this voltage reduces to about 40V.

Ground wire:

The ground wire, being the other of the two output wires of the welding machine, establishes a connection to the weldment.

2. Relationship:

During the welding process, the welding handle wire and the ground wire will form a loop. Consequently, the primary wire and the secondary wire will be responsible for carrying out the input and output.

3. Difference:

(1) Different voltages

In terms of power electricity, the primary line voltage is 380V, whereas for lighting electricity, it is 220V.

After undergoing the process of forming low-voltage electricity through a transformer or inverter, the secondary line ultimately attains a no-load output voltage of approximately 70V in the inverter welding machine.

(2) Different functions

Identifying as the primary line, the power incoming line plays a crucial role.

The power outlet is referred to as the secondary line.

The welding handle is connected to the welding handle wire.

The weldment is connected to the ground wire.

Serving as a crucial safety measure, the ground wire prevents electric leakage from the welding machine.

(3) Different thicknesses

Thick cables constitute the welding wire and ground wire.

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