In terms of quality, we use the world-classquality inspection to make every machinestrong, powerful and reliable.

Product business category

MIG Welding

Alandwelding high welding speed, semi-automatic or automatic operation, minimal cleanup, efficient for long welds, and versatility in various metal types.

TIG Welding

Alandwelding high precision, clean welds, suitable for thin materials, minimal spatter, and control over heat input.

MMA Welding

Versatility in various environments, suitable for thick materials, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness.


Precise cutting of various materials, high-speed operation, versatility in thickness, minimal heat-affected zone, and capability for fine detailing.

About Us

Beijing Aland Welding Co., Ltd. is a one-stop solution provider for welding and cutting.
We have been engaged in manufacturing and exporting high-quality welding machines for many years.
To meet our customers’ growing innovation demands for quality, performance and the environment, we always seek continuous improvement.
We are pleased to offer the following comprehensive range of quality products: MIG/TIG/MMA welding machines and more
Ion cutting machine
Laser welding and cutting machines
Welding accessories and consumables
Gas Welding – Welding Safety.
They all feature high-quality, high-performance features and also meet key needs for welding safety and health.
Quality first and customer first are the principles of our company! We always provide customers with high-quality products, competitive prices, on-time delivery and professional services.
In full and timely communication, you can feel our honesty, respect, responsibility, innovation, quality and professionalism.
We are ALAND WELDING, your partner for quality welding!

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One year warranty from the B/L date for official order.

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Provide product related guidance online

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Accessories available for free at certain times

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Can provide offline training to member customers

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