AC DC Welding Machine Advantages And Disadvantages

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The main difference between AC welding machines and DC welding machines is that their current output methods are different, which results in slight differences in their use. Here are their specific pros and cons:

1. AC Welding Machines


(1) Easy to use: AC welding machine can be applied to different types of welding materials and can challenge various welding jobs;

(2) Lower cost: Compared with DC welding machines, the price of AC welding machines is usually lower, and the use price is also correspondingly low;

(3) Fast welding speed: AC current can be repeatedly converted between the electrode and the workpiece, so it is only very fast for welding lightweight metal materials.


(1) Low welding efficiency: Changes in AC current can cause the electrode to oscillate repeatedly on the welding surface. Therefore, part of the energy will be lost and the welding efficiency will be reduced;

(2) Oxidation and corrosion: Oxidation and corrosion of the welding surface are a negative aspect of AC welding machines. Controlling these factors requires additional attention.

2. DC welding machine


(1) Good welding effect: Since the current always maintains one direction, the welding speed will be higher than that of the AC welding machine, and the surface of the solder joints will be more regular and of better quality;

(2) Wide range of welding materials: Compared with AC welding machines, DC welding machines are more effective for heavy materials such as steel.


(1) High cost: DC welding machines are usually more expensive, so the cost of purchase and use is higher;

(2) Not suitable for lightweight metals: DC welding machines are not suitable for welding lightweight metals;

(3) Specialized knowledge required: Compared with AC welding machines, the repair and maintenance of DC welding machines may require more professional knowledge and technology.

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