What does 2T4T mean on carbon dioxide protected welding machine?

Among the 2T4T on the carbon dioxide shielded welding machine, 2T is manual, which means you have to press the switch all the time to weld, and 4T is semi-automatic.That is, press it to start the arc, release it to weld automatically, and press it again to close the arc.

The full name of carbon dioxide shielded welding is carbon dioxide gas shielded arc welding. The shielding gas is carbon dioxide, which is mainly used for manual welding. Due to the special influence of the thermophysical properties of carbon dioxide gas, when using conventional welding power sources. It is impossible for the molten metal at the end of the welding wire to form a balanced axial free transition. Short circuit and droplet necking and blasting are usually required.

Welding machine that supports 2T4T

Therefore, there is more spatter compared to MIG welding with free transition. However, if a high-quality welding machine is used and the parameters are appropriately selected. A very stable welding process can be achieved and spatter can be reduced to a minimum. Due to the low price of the shielding gas used. The welds are well formed when using short-circuit transitions, and the use of welding wires containing deoxidizers results in high-quality welded joints without internal defects.


Extended data:

Repair principle: The intelligent cold welding machine uses the high heat energy generated by micro-electric instantaneous. Discharge to clad the special welding wire to the damaged part of the workpiece, and weld it firmly with the original base material. After welding, it only needs little polishing and post-processing.

Working principle: The principle of the intelligent repair cold welding machine is to use the charging capacitor to metallurgically transfer the molten metal. In the plasma state to the surface of the workpiece in a period of 10-3 to 10-1 seconds. The coating or surfacing layer surfacing to the surface of the workpiece diffuses and infiltrates into the workpiece due to the alloying effect with the base metal. Forming a diffusion layer and achieving a high-strength bond.

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