Customized Quality MIG-200 200A Inverter IGBT Dcmigmma Tig Welder Welding Machine



1. Multi-function: DC synergic MIG/DC Split MIG/MMA/Lift-TIG.

2. Adjustable inductance, 2T/4T, Hot-start, Burn-back, VRD, ARC force and other parameter.

3. Effective spatter control, improved penetration and better welding effect.

4. Preset synergic database.with special stainless steel sheet expert database.

5. 5kg spool holder with inching wire function, easy to install welding wire.

6. MIG welding voltage and wire speed also can be manual setting for skilled user. (SPL MIG)

7. Easv-to-user interface, Synergic Home Function automatically manages ideal voltage and wirefeed speed while only adjusting welding current; dynamic control digital display with versimple operations.(SYN MIG)


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1. How is your quality control?
We use the world-class quality inspection to make every machine strong, powerful and reliable. We inspect with the world class quality testing to make every single machine strong, powerful and reliable.Inpection is full range, covered from welding power source to wire feeders, welding torches and up to welding consumables and work safety. Whether you want to weld with 2T/4T, GAS/NO GAS, our components, which have been perfectly tuned to your requirements, acting as excellent quality and the best possible welding results.

2. Do you have engineer who can guide me to install system?
Yes, we have a professional team. They can teach you how to work with it.

3. How long is the lead time for welding machine?
If no stocks, usually it takes 30-35 days after confirmation of order.
About Beijing aland welding co.,ltd.
We are TRUSTMIG, a professional and trustworthy welding machines company. We manufacture sustainable and high-end welding machine with a great customer service We have strong product research and development capabilities and we not only provide high quality products and great customer service but also create a strong-trust relationship with our clients. Meet TrustMIG, the go-to reliable welding brand. We say reliable because we’re a brand that you can trust. Trust in quality, never doubting whether or not our products meet expectations, trust in whether or not we can do it consistently or not, and trust in whether or not we can do it every time. Trust is the foundation of everything we do here at TrusTMIG. Our client relationships critical to our success, trust we have built with our clients over years of service has spanned business lines to family lines. The TrusTMIG team here is more than a welding machinery provider but a friend. This friendships we have built with clients is what allowed our service to become so great. We poor our blood sweat and tears in to making sure that our clients get the possible TrusTMIG certified welding machinery possible, and trust is the backbone that sustains us.


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