China Handheld Laser Welding Machine Manufacturers

Laser Welder Power: 1000W / 1500W / 2000W / 3000W

Functions: Laser Welding, Laser Cutting

Suitable: Suitable for materials Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel, and Aluminum Alloy.


* High-quality semiconductor laser and stable cooling system.

* The torch with a special nozzle suitable for welding at different angles and positions on the workpiece.

* Easy operation and get high welding speed and high quality.

*The efficiency can be up2-10 times than TIG welding and economize on manpower.

* General staff can use it and no need special training.

* Special design welding stirrer can get the best laser spot and wide welding width, high-quality welding seam.

* You can fit wire by a separate wire feeder.

* Light hand torch with 5-10m original Fiber.

* Integrated design.

* Long-life Accessories and save energy, lower use cost.

* Special safety protection function for welding workers.


Main Parts with high quality and long life


Welding Cases

Applicable to various metals and alloys, such as stainless steel, mild steel, galvanized steel, Aluminum, etc.


Welding Position

The welding head can weld the workpiece at any angle.

Applicable to various complex welds and various devices.

Pls. refer to the following welding position:




Company Profile


Beijing Aland Welding Co, Ltd. have been committed to manufacture and export high quality welding machines for years.
In order to meet customers’ continuous increasingly innovative demands for quality, performance and environment, we always seek for continuous improvement.

Our laser welding machine featured with good quality, high performance.

We always do our best to provide all our customers – Quality Products, On-Time Delivery and Excellent Services.

You can feel our HONESTY, RESPECT, LIABILITY, INNOVATIVE, QUALITY, PROFESSIONAL in the sufficient and Timely communication.

We are ALAND WELDING, your partner for Quality Welding!




Additional information

Product packaging

By Wooden Case

Entire movie product packaging equipment; anti-collision bundle side; fumigation-free plywood wood box as well as pallets with an iron-binding belt.

♦ Delivery:
We accept the firm whose experience in sea transport will certainly ensure the security. We additionally supply train transportation, particularly to Russia, Ukraine, and also various other inland nations.

♦ Payment:
We accept payment by T/T, L/C or through Alibaba Trade Assurance.


Suitable for Aviation industry, IT industry, Dairy industry, Hardware industry, Automobile industry, Handicraft industry, etc.

Welding Position

The welding head can weld the workpiece at any angle.
Applicable to various complex welds and various devices.
Pls. refer to the following welding position:

Package Includes

* Main Unit FR-LA1500  – 1set
* Fiber Laser torch – 1pc
* Automatic Wire Feeder – 1 set
* Laser Torch Welding & Cutting Nozzle – 1 set
* Liner – 1set
* Safety Goggle – 1 pair
* Lens – 1set
* Feeding roller (1.2V/1.6V) – 1pc
* Spanner – 1set
* Data line – 1pc
* Tool Box – 2pcs

After Sales and Warranty

The warranty period of this product is one year for the whole machine, and the warranty period for the laser source is two years.
1. Our company provides one-year warranty for the whole machine from the B/L date.

    lf the machine needs to be returned to the factory for repair, the user only needs to bear the cost of two-way transportation.
2. This product is repaired free of charge for life, and the user only needs to bear the cost of spare parts and two-way transportation.

The following scopes are not covered by warranty:

      1). Damage caused by improper use such as violent bumping, bending, etc.

      2). Human-caused damage.
3. Laser accessories and consumables are not guaranteed (collimating mirrors, galvanometers, field mirrors, and other optical parts, Integratedcables, etc. are not covered by the warranty).


1.  What's the Input Power for Model FR-LA1500?
Answer: It is single phase 1*220V.
 2. What's protection gas should be applied and its purity?
  Answer: Pls. find following:

  Stainless Steel: Argon Gas with purity of 99.9%

  Aluminum alloy: Nitrogen Gas or Argon Gas with purity of 99.9%

  Steel: C02

  Galvanized Steel: Argon Gas
 3. Can we weld both with filler metal and without filler metal?
Answer: Yes, our laser welding machine can weld with filler metal or without filler metal.
 4. Can Model FR-LA1500 be applied for laser cutting?
  Answer: Yes, it can be applied for laser cutting.
 5. What thickness can be welded for model FR-LA-1500?
   Answer: For model FR-LA-1500, it can weld up to 3mm.
 6. Is There a Laser Welding Machine for Stainless Steel?
   Answer: our Handheld laser welder series can weld stainless steel and have very good performance.
 7. What's the parts of a Handheld Laser Welder?
    Answer: The components involved that make handheld laser welders function are:
               – Main engine
               – Water cooler
               – Handheld laser head
               -The control system
               -Optical fibers
 8. Does a Laser Welding Use filler?
    Answer: To strengthen the joint point between two metals, sometimes filler metal is used in the     welding process.
    The most common filler metal used is metal wire.

    During the welding process, the metal wire is melted on the welding spot to add additional      sticky element between the metals.
     As a result, it would strengthen the bond of the metals.

     For our handheld laser welding machine, welding with filler metal or not, both are workable.
 9. Are Chinese Handheld Laser Welding Machines Manufacturers Trustworthy?
   Answer: A lot of people think that Chinese handheld laser welding machines are low quality.

                As a matter of fact, they're not – they're even the other way around!
                There are a lot of high quality Chinese handheld laser welders from trusted manufacturers!
                Beijing Aland Welding always bring quality handheld laser welding machine to the world.


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