Introduction to TIG welding machine

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TIG welding machine (Tungsten Inert Gas Welding Machine), also known as argon arc welding machine, is a device used to perform the TIG welding process. It provides the necessary power, control and gas supply features to enable operators to perform high-quality TIG welding. The following is a general introduction to TIG welding machines:

1、Power Supply

TIG welding machines provide two types of power output, direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC), to meet different welding needs.

DC power supply is usually used for welding stainless steel, nickel alloy and other materials, while AC power supply is more suitable for welding aluminum and aluminum alloy.

2、Electrodes And Gases:

TIG welding machines are equipped with tungsten electrodes and gas supply systems.

Tungsten electrodes are non-melting and their main function is to create an arc and provide heat in the welding area.

The gas is usually an inert gas such as argon, which is used to protect the welding area from contamination in the air and ensure the stability of the arc and the quality of the molten pool.

3、Control System:

TIG welding machines are equipped with control systems for regulating welding current, voltage and other parameters.

The control system is usually digital and can provide precise control of welding parameters to meet the needs of different welding tasks.

4、Additional features:

Advanced TIG welders may be equipped with additional features such as pulse welding mode, lift arc starting function, automatic gas flow control, etc.

These additional features increase the efficiency and control of the welding process, reduce operator workload, and optimize weld quality.


TIG welders are suitable for a variety of welding applications, including aerospace, automotive manufacturing, pressure vessel manufacturing, food processing equipment manufacturing, and more.

It is especially suitable for applications that have high requirements on weld quality and appearance, such as food equipment, medical equipment, precision instruments, etc.

Overall, a TIG welder is a powerful, precision-controlled welding device suitable for a variety of applications that require high-quality welding.

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