The difference between welding and brazing

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Welding is a connection method that combines workpieces through heating or pressure, or both, with or without filler materials. Therefore, brazing is one of the welding methods. The classification of welding methods is as shown in the figure.Welding method.

As one of the three major welding processes, brazing is different from fusion welding and pressure welding. The comparison of the three types of welding methods is shown in the figure below:

Fusion welding uses an external heating source (Electric arc) to locally heat and melt the area near the interface of the connected components (base material), and then cools to form a joint. During the welding process, both the base metal and the filler metal melt, and the two are chemically combined. Such as: manual arc welding, CO2 welding, TlG welding, MIG welding, submerged arc welding, MAG welding, plasma welding, laser welding, electron beam welding, etc.Welding method.

Pressure welding is the application of pressure to bring the atomic spacing of the welded surface as close as the lattice distance. No solder is used during welding. There is a chemical or physical bond between the connected metals. The weld is narrow and the heat affected area is small. It includes resistance welding (spot welding, seam welding), flash welding, friction welding, cold pressure welding, etc.Welding method.

Brazing is the connection of the parts to be brazed by molten metal (brazing material). The temperature of the brazing material is lower than the temperature of the base metal. During welding, the brazing material melts but the base material does not melt. There is a physical combination between the two. It is customary to divide the welding temperature into brazing and soft soldering with a welding temperature of 450°C. Brazing mainly includes: flame brazing, induction brazing, furnace brazing, resistance brazing, etc. Soft soldering such as: soldering iron soldering, etc.Welding method.

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