4 in 1 Welding DIGI-MULTI 200 ACDC PULS


The 4in1 welding machine is a versatile tool combining four welding processes: TIG, MIG, Stick, and Plasma cutting. This compact and efficient device allows for diverse welding applications, offering flexibility in handling various materials and thicknesses. With its user-friendly interface and advanced technology, the 4-in-1 welding machine is suitable for both professional welders and DIY enthusiasts. Its multifunctionality streamlines the welding and cutting processes, making it an indispensable tool in workshops, construction sites, and fabrication projects. 4in1 wedling .

Features & Advantages

■Digital Control IGBT inverter DC MMA,ACDC TIG and Mig,4IN1 multi functions

■Lift /HF TIG

■Hot arc start and arc force,Anti-stick for MMA

■32 bits MCU inside

■Foot pedal and spool gun 7pins connector

■2T/4T function

■200/100mm wire spool

■2rollers wire feeder

■SYNERGIC setting

■Advanced square wave for AC TIG

Product parameters

Power Supply Voltage 1*230V 50/60Hz
Rate Input Capacity (KVA) 6.8
Rate Input Current(A) 29
No Load Voltage 80
Output current Range TIG:3-160A,AC:5-160A MMA:10-125A,CUT:20-40A
Duty Cycle 60%
Weight 25KG
L*W*H(mm) 560*240*460

4in1 wedling

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