DC MMA Welding MMA 140

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Rate Input Capacity (KVA)4.3Rate Input Current(A)20No Load Voltage58Output current Range10-120ADuty Cycle35%Weight3.5KGL*W*H(mm)315*130*300



MMA welding, or Manual Metal Arc welding, is a widely employed welding technique. It entails using a coated electrode to establish an electric arc, generating the heat required for fusing metals. Renowned for its versatility, MMA welding is applicable across diverse industries, including construction and fabrication. This process stands out for its simplicity, portability, and effectiveness in joining various metals. Whether for on-site repairs or intricate fabrication projects, MMA welding remains a favored method due to its adaptability and ease of use, making it an essential skill in the welding domain.

Features & Advantages

■Half bridge IGBT high frequancy inverter DC MMA

■Single and SMD PCB style design.

■Light weight


Power Supply Voltage 1*230V 50/60Hz
Rate Input Capacity (KVA) 4.3
Rate Input Current(A) 20
No Load Voltage 58
Output current Range 10-120A
Duty Cycle 35%
Weight 3.5KG
L*W*H(mm) 315*130*300


What materials can weld for this machine?
Normally our popular Manual welding machine can weld mild steel, stainless steel with high quality.

What’s the suitable wire diameter?
Suitable wire: Dia. 1.5,2.0, 2.4, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0.

What’s the duty cycle for your manual welder?
For civil application welder, the duty cycle of our manual welder is from 35% to 60%.
For industrial application welder, the duty cycle of our manual welder is normally over 60%.

Additional information


Q1. Why Choose us?- We have nearly 10 years experience in welding industry and export to all over the world. – We have experienced R&D team. We can
adjust the parameter and panels design as per your request.
– Most of key parts are adopted top brand to ensure the quality. Such as the IGBT of Infineon (Simens). – Each machine will be
inspected before shipping. – One year warranty, life-long technical support and design service.
Q2. Could you get a customized sample?
Yes, we can adjust some configuration and parameters as your request.It also includes OEM service.
Q3. How is your quality control?
We use the world-class quality inspection to make every machine strong, powerful and reliable. We inspect with the world class
quality testing to make every single machine strong, powerful and reliable.
Inpection is full range, covered from welding power source to wire feeders, welding torches and up to welding consumables and work
safety. Whether you want to weld with 2T/4T, GAS/NO GAS, our components, which have been perfectly tuned to your requirements,
acting as excellent quality and the best possible welding results.
Q4. What voltage could you provide?110V/220v, 220/380V, 230V etc.
We can make it as per your country voltage.Q5. Can you send me the video to show how the machine works?
At present, some machines have video. We will try to make video of featured machine in future.
Q6. Do you have engineer who can guide me to install system?
Yes, we have a professional team. They can teach you how to work with it.
Q7. How long is the lead time for welding machine?
If no stockes, usually it takes 30-35 days after confirmation of order.


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