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1、What is mig welding

MIG welding (melt inert-gas welding) is an arc welding method that uses a molten electrode, external gas as the arc medium, and protects the metal droplets, welding pool and high-temperature metal in the welding zone. It is called melting electrode gas shielded arc welding. The inert gas (Ar or He) shielded arc welding method using solid wire is called molten extremely inert gas shielded welding, or MIG weld for short.

2. What is mig welding pulse

Pulse MIG welding is a MIG weld method that uses pulse current to replace the usual pulsating DC.

Due to the use of pulsed current, the arc of pulsed MIG weld is pulsed. Compared with usual continuous current (pulsating DC) welding:

(1) The welding parameter adjustment range is wider;

If the average current is less than the lower critical current I0 of the injection transition, as long as the pulse peak current is greater than I0, the injection transition can still be obtained.

(2) Arc energy can be controlled conveniently and accurately;

Not only the pulse or base current size is adjustable, but also its duration can be adjusted in units of 10-2 S.

(3) Excellent welding capabilities for thin plates, all positions, and bottom welding.

The molten pool only melts during the pulse current time, and cooling crystallization can be obtained during the base current time. Compared with continuous current welding, the average current (heat input to the weld) is smaller when the penetration is the same.

3. Mig welder with gas and gasless mig welding

(1) Mig welder with gas is an arc welding method in which a continuously fed metal wire serves as the electrode and filler metal and is melted under the action of the arc. The welding area is protected by a protective gas (usually an inert gas or a reactive gas) to prevent oxygen, nitrogen and other impurities in the atmosphere from entering the weld and ensure welding quality.

(2) Gasless MIG welde is a welding method that uses a welding wire filled with powder, and the powder decomposes under the action of the arc to produce protective gas and protective slag to protect the welding area. This method does not require external gas protection and is suitable for welding in the field or in poorly ventilated environments.

4. Best gas for mig welding

Commonly used mig welding gases are: Ar, CO2, 75% Ar + 25% CO₂, 98% Ar + 2% O₂, 90% Ar + 7.5% He + 2.5% CO₂, He, Ar+He

MIG welding, or metal inert gas welding, joins metals by creating an electric arc between a consumable wire electrode and the workpiece. The technology also relies on the inclusion of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) and argon. This gas acts as a protective barrier, protecting the molten metal in the weld pool from atmospheric contamination. When the electrode melts, it forms a weld bead, creating a strong and durable connection.

5. Mig welding setup

MIG welding machines usually consist of a power supply, wire feeder, ground cable, welding gun, optional water cooling unit and protective gas tank or gas pipe network interface.

(1) Power supply: It is divided into constant voltage DC power supply and inverter power supply. Its main function is to provide voltage for the welding machine.

(2) Wire feeder: The wire feeder is responsible for feeding the welding wire into the welding gun continuously and stably.

(3) Ground cable: The ground clamp is used to connect the workpiece and the welding power source to form a closed circuit to ensure that the current can flow smoothly during the welding process.

(4) Welding gun: The welding gun is a tool directly used for welding during operation and is responsible for transporting welding wire and protective gas.

6. Best mig welder for beginners

Beginners can consider the following aspects when choosing a welding machine: easy-to-use interface, versatility, automatic adjustment function, safety function, operating comfort, high-quality accessories, adjustable welding parameters, high duty cycle, Reliable after-sales service, price and budget.

The simple interface is similar to the digital display, which allows novices to quickly become familiar with the functions of the welding machine; the multiple functions not only allow novices to become familiar with the functions of various welding machines more conveniently; the automatic adjustment function is very important for beginners, as it can avoid unnecessary troubles. Familiar functional adjustments; safety functions, operating comfort, and high-quality accessories are all very important to avoid some accidents. Safety must be the first priority; for after-sales and budget, it can ensure peace of mind in later use. , you don’t need to buy a very expensive multi-functional machine that only costs 2000-5000$ when you are a beginner.

If you cannot accurately choose the welding machine that suits you, you can contact our service staff, who can provide you with one-stop service. We have a very complete after-sales team and welding experts. It can make you feel comfortable buying and using it with confidence.

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