Load Skates

Load Skates with an endless chain design for easy moving and positioning of heavy loads and machinery.

Economy Load Moving Skates

For moving, installing and relocating heavy machinery and large equipment; Aland load skates can provide easy, safe and cost-effective solutions to a wide range of industries.

What are the advantages of Load Skates?

Load Skates Roller chain structure

Load Skates is rugged and sturdy construction for long life.Low profile construction for increased stability.

Aland’s chain roller load skate consist of concentrically ground steel rolls linked together to form a continuous chain that circulates around a hardened steel load-bearing plate centrally located in the framework of the roller.

Heavy Loads Roller Skates these rollers don’t require bearings or extra lubricant, keeping them clean and low-maintenance.

Load Skates is Durable and Robust

Low profile construction for increased stability

Made of solid materials and designed by excellent designers, it can be used to move heavy equipment in harsh environments.

What are the parameters of Heavy Loads Roller Skates?

ModelTonDimensionsBottoming Rollerweight(kg)

We can also customize according to your requirements and drawings to meet your needs as much as possible. You can also consult us for more products, you are welcome to fill in following Customization Form.

Which industries can Load Skates be applied to?

Load Skates are currently used in many fields, such as bridge construction, shipbuilding, aerospace construction, and large equipment construction.

Large project construction
ship building
Large equipment movement
Engineering aid

Application objects: Nuclear power plant equipment

Application industry: 200 tons of nuclear power equipment

Application objects: Bridge construction

Application industry: Bridge hanging basket

Four 100-ton Heavy Loads Roller Skates form an equipment transfer trolley. Among them, two roller guide mechanisms are attached to the vehicle to ensure the linear accuracy of the equipment during the transportation process.

Load Skate guide ensures transportation accuracy

16 units of 75 tons, 16 37.5-ton Load Skates and 32 HP125 / 85-600 hydraulic cylinders with a thrust of 24 tons are used to push forward the hanging basket mechanism.

The 32 fulcrums of the hanging basket mechanism are erected on 32 Heavy Loads Roller Skates. Bridge construction

Business Advantages

Powerful weighing capacity

Designed by excellent designers

Strong supply capacity to meet your needs

Excellent customer service provides you with protection


Yes we do!
We have experienced engineer to design as requested.
If you have any application, you can fill out our Custom Application Request to get started.

What is the maximum weight in tons of the equipment being moved? That weight is the capacity of the kit or set you will need. We recommend selecting the next highest capacity for a better safety factor and if you are in-between sizes or there is any question about floor surface.

Due to the rigidity of the rollers, they cannot turn at large angles. With the help of guiding wheels, the direction of travel can be slightly changed.

We have heavy loading skate of 5ton to 800ton for option.
Products exceeding 800 tons can be customized based on the working conditions.

In case of roller wear, professional tools can be used to replace it with a new one.

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