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Tailored Solutions for Hardfacing Needs Gouging Machine And Hardfacing Equipment

Automatic carbon arc gouging and automatic cladding equipment

Online surfacing welding equipment is mainly used in cement, electric power, steel, Mining, petrochemical and other industries, for large cement vertical mills, coal mills, continuous casting rollers and other wear-resistant equipment hard surface repair work on wear liners. it can be used for open arc, submerged arc and cartridge core, gas preservation welding.

The system is composed of welding cross, special flux core wire feeding mechanism, operating system and water circulation.

Parts Introduction

Remote Control

 Remote Control

Gouging  Head

 Gouging Control Box

Welding and Gouging Traveling Trolley

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Suitable for multi-functional automatic carbon arc gouging systems, automatic surfacing systems, manual carbon arc gouging, manual plasma planers, and CNC automatic plasma planers.



     we have a full solution for automated gouging, automated hardfacing.  This system includes following series:

         * Automated gouging system
         * Automated hardfacing system.
         * CNC plasma gouging system
         * Welding / Plasma Power Source
         * Column and boom
         * Welding Positioner
         * Hardfacing Fluxed Cored Wire
         * Gouging Carbon Rods
         * Wear Parts


     Our system have equiped with arc voltage feedback device. When the flame come to the ege of the potholes, the flame will stop, but the working voltage       keeps. When the torch head come out to the edge of the potholes, the arc voltage changes and activate the power source, the flame will ignite again and       gouging. 


     Our automated gouging system can working with both One-head or Two-head. It depends on your application. 

    — Pre-sale service: Once we receive your questions, we will offer you a total solution.

    –In-sale service:We will test all the machines’ parts and make the finished product testing when production completed. And also send you the                                                        corresponding photos and videos.After your confirmation, we will arrange delivery.
     –After-sale service:
           * One year warranty from the B/L date for official order.
           * Some Guaranty parts will be sent together with the offical shipment.
           * If the parts of equipment have problems within one year guarantee period, we will send parts by Express at our cost, exclusive consumables.
           * If there is a problem with the machine, our engineers will provide the solution with photo or video in time.
           * If still failed to fix, we will send a new machine together with your next offical order.
           * If necessary, we can train 1-2 of your service man for 1-2 weeks in China. The cost in China is borne by us.


    we can also send our technician to help train your workers or technician on site. 

    Of course you can, but it is better to order a whole set to avoid compatibility issues.


    We have CNC plasma gouging system, which can also be applied for plasma cutting.

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